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Financing Africa’s Infrastructure Pipeline

Most African economies look set to have a tough year ahead but one thing seems to remain consistent, whether in North, East, West or Central and Sub Saharan Africa: the thirst for infrastructure investment. According to the World Bank, Africa’s infrastructure deficit is estimated at US$38bn of investment per year and a further US$37bn per year in operations and maintenance. The total required…

16 May 2016

Oil revenue drought prompts Middle Eastern borrowers to flood market

The large increase in international debt issuances from the Middle East is the result of pressured finances and tightening domestic liquidity. Despite the number of issuances, it is unlikely that smaller borrowers will be crowded out of the markets.

12 May 2016

China eyes up more than Petrobras oil

News of the hastened signing of a planned loan from the Import-Export Bank of China to Petrobras highlights the state owned corporate’s inability to access the international capital markets, and the fact that China is looking to strengthen its presence across the emerging market landscape.

11 May 2016

Video: Henrik Raber, Standard Chartered

Henrik Raber, Managing Director, Global Head Capital Markets, Standard Chartered discusses how low oil prices have affected the performance of Middle Eastern capital markets compared to other emerging markets.

10 May 2016

Oil: Black Gold or Fool’s Gold?

From oil traders in Dubai, to taxi drivers in New York, figuring out where the oil market bottoms out seems to be the focus of all my conversations. Although the topic has been covered extensively by industry analysts and media outlets, very few have been able to put the pieces of the puzzle together for investors. The truth is, tumbling oil prices, are a demand and supply side story.

9 May 2016

Bahri docks additional SAR700mn loan

Saudi Arabia’s Bahri has recently and in quick succession tapped the domestic loan markets, including an Islamic loan. Although the loan markets have been affected by tightening liquidity, there are still ample funds within the Middle East to allow for continued loan operations.

6 May 2016

Eskom set to receive loan

South Africa’s Eskom will receive a loan from the New Development Bank. The transaction highlights the vital role that Development Finance Institutions play in African infrastructure projects, but also raises questions over why a corporate connected to the state would need to access external funding.

25 Apr 2016

Video: Stephen Charangwa, PM, Africa Fixed Income, Aluwani Capital Partners

How is oil and commodity volatility affecting African fixed income?

15 Apr 2016

Could the GCC steal the EM mantle from Frontier Markets?

What underpinned the boom in frontier market issuance in emerging markets in 2013 -2014 and, given the retreat from risk, will GCC region issuers have the credit quality to take over the EM mantle from frontier markets when risk appetite returns?

13 Apr 2016

BBH: Reasoned optimism for debt in post-election Peru

Analysts at BBH, a New York-based investment house, see many reasons to be optimistic about Peru’s economy following the first round of elections which took place in the Latin American country this week.

13 Apr 2016

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