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Economics and Markets

Impact of Coronavirus Begins to Show in Economic Data

As the coronavirus continues to spread, with novel cases being reported in countries across the world almost daily, its impact is beginning to become evident in economic data.

28 Feb 2020

Fixed-Income Investors Look to Dump HY, Pile into Private Credit as Clouds Gather over Economy – Blackrock

More late cycle-related rebalancing is likely to take place in 2020 amid declining global rates and a whole host of destabilizing factors, including geopolitical uncertainty and economic “black swans”.

28 Feb 2020

Oil, Non-Oil Growth Continue to Head in Opposite Directions in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi economy experienced a temporary growth slowdown through much of 2019 while non-oil growth saw one of the strongest performances in a year, a trend analysts believe may continue through much of 2020.

28 Feb 2020

Lingering Trade Tensions, Coronavirus Risks Means GCC Debt Yields Could Widen – then Tighten Further

GCC debt yields spent much of 2019 outperforming the wider emerging market and global fixed income universe, and while global yields also trended downward on the back of strong economic data and easing trade tensions, economists at the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) say spreads still have room to tighten in 2020.

27 Feb 2020

Tadawul & IHS Markit Launch Saudi Government Sukuk Index

Tadawul and IHS Markit have partnered to launch the iBoxx Tadawul SAR Government Sukuk Index dedicated to tracking riyal-denominated government sukuk, a move the may enhance liquidity in the sector.

27 Feb 2020

China Central Bank Announces New Relief Measures for SMEs to Kickstart Economy, Contain Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announced a slew of new measures designed to ease access to financing and loan terms for small businesses in a bid to kickstart a flagging economy being battered by a viral outbreak.

27 Feb 2020

Fourth Quarter 2019 UAE Lending Grew for GREs, Government, but Declined for the Private Sector

Credit growth picked up momentum in the fourth quarter of 2019, largely led by rising loan provision to government and government-related entities – but growth in lending to the private sector declined on a quarterly basis, while only marginally increasing year-on-year.

25 Feb 2020

IIF: Frontier Market Debt, Driven by Government Borrowing, Hit New All-Time Highs in 2019

Rising budget deficits are a cause for concern, particularly as climate-related risks accumulate, the IIF warned in its latest report.

24 Feb 2020

Total Capital Markets Financing in Argentina Jumps 276% YoY in January 2019

An increase of 65% was recorded in January compared to the previous month, according to CNV.

24 Feb 2020

Kenya Announces Plans to Streamline Building Approval Processes

Kenya’s Principal Secretary for Housing & Urban Development, Charles Hinga, announced plans this week to harmonise building fees and approval processes for buildings throughout the country. The move is intended to cut costs for developers, spur the growth of affordable housing, and stimulate investor participation in the sector.

20 Feb 2020

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