Interview: Craig Nethercott outlines how the drop in oil prices will impact the project pipeline

In June, Craig Nethercott, Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP, took part in a panel at Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East which discussed how to finance energy and infrastructure in an environment of low oil prices. In the following interview, he sheds some light on how the drop in oil prices will impact the pipeline of projects across the Middle East and explains why banks may be looking at alternative…

3 Aug 2015

Interview: Samer Kader, explains the opportunities surrounding Dubai EXPO 2020

The EXPO 2020 has brought a wealth of opportunities to Dubai but which sectors will be experiencing the most growth? Samer Kader, Head, SEI Investments Middle East,discusses the benefits the EXPO will bring but also the impact it may have on corporate liabilities.

3 Aug 2015

Interview with Sherif Magdy El Gabaly: Investing in Egypt

Sherif Magdy El Gabaly, Chief Executive Officer, E~NARA Energy and Industrial Investment, outlines upcoming projects coming online in Egypt and shares his views on whether Egypt can attract sponsorship from international investors.

21 Jun 2015

Case study: Huseyin Arslan discusses YDA Group's TL 200 million bond issuance

In December 2014, YDA Group issued their first three-year bond dominated in Turkish Lira by closing a TL 200 million bond. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) subscribed to TL40 million of the bond, which marked the first time the bank had particpated in a local-currency bond by a Turkish company outside of the banking sector. Huseyin Arslan, Co-Founder and Chairman of…

13 Mar 2015

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