Eskom set to receive loan

South Africa’s Eskom will receive a loan from the New Development Bank. The transaction highlights the vital role that Development Finance Institutions play in African infrastructure projects, but also raises questions over why a corporate connected to the state would need to access external funding.

25 Apr 2016

Asian Development Bank deposits bond

The ADB has issued a bond amid high demand. The bank’s credit rating and its operational efficiency have contributed to the popularity of the issue, leading to a wide investor base and varied investor make up.

25 Apr 2016

Argentina feeds hungry investors with landmark bond sale

The Latin American sovereign has finally returned to the capital markets, demonstrating that despite some market saturation appetite for the sovereign’s long awaited debt did not dampen.

20 Apr 2016

Global Ports floats Eurobond

Russian corporate Global Ports has issued its debut Eurobond amid large demand, due in part to the rarity of debt issuances from the country. Although there are opportunities for non-sanctioned corporates to tap the international markets, their credit fundamentals play an important role in determining whether they are able to issue or not.

15 Apr 2016

Hungary shows appetite for dim sum bonds

The Eastern European nation has returned to the international capital markets with a yuan-denominated bond, speaking to its strengthening ties with China around the latter’s ‘silk road’ initiative.

15 Apr 2016

Poland reopens Eurobond but EM investor appetite wanes

Poland marked its return to the international debt markets this week, reopening 20-year euro-denominated bonds initially sold in January this year. Despite securing better pricing than it did on the initial issuance, EM investors aren’t particularly convinced there’s a bargain to be had.

14 Apr 2016

Nigeria inks US$6bn loan, currency swap deal with China

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari sealed a US$6bn loan and a currency swap deal with China this week as the country continues to search for liquidity to plug its deficit and stimulate economic activity.

14 Apr 2016

Arcos Dorados orders US$167.3mn loan

Brazil’s largest McDonald’s franchisee Arcos Dorados has received a loan with the intention of servicing the costs of older notes. Although many Brazilian corporates hold low credit ratings as a result of both internal and external factors, small improvements in the domestic economic climate is starting to translate into gains for some.

7 Apr 2016

Tapping into the MENA corridor, CFC Stanbic secures loan

CFC Stanbic Bank Kenya received a loan from a number of banks including Middle Eastern lenders as they search for new areas of liquidity.

6 Apr 2016

Iran issues debut ijara sukuk

In an effort to diversify its sources of funding and relieve the pressure on the local banking system, the Iranian government has launched a sukuk, a positive step forward for the global sukuk markets.

4 Apr 2016

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