China eyes up more than Petrobras oil

News of the hastened signing of a planned loan from the Import-Export Bank of China to Petrobras highlights the state owned corporate’s inability to access the international capital markets, and the fact that China is looking to strengthen its presence across the emerging market landscape.

11 May 2016

Turkish FIs flock to international markets

Following deals from both Turkiye Garanti Bankasi’s and Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi, it has emerged that Turkiye Finans is now also looking to tap the international markets with a Sharia compliant debt instrument as Turkish FIs narrow in on a window of opportunity.

10 May 2016

Falabella issues inflation-indexed bonds as inflation falls

Chile’s Falabella tapped the domestic market with a dual tranche bond. As with all long term debt in Chile, the longer duration notes are inflation-indexed bonds. But a recent strengthening of the country’s peso could lead to inflation falling in the near future, which could affect demand.

6 May 2016

Bahri docks additional SAR700mn loan

Saudi Arabia’s Bahri has recently and in quick succession tapped the domestic loan markets, including an Islamic loan. Although the loan markets have been affected by tightening liquidity, there are still ample funds within the Middle East to allow for continued loan operations.

6 May 2016

Turkiye Garanti Bankasi signs dual-currency loan

Turkiye Garanti Bankasi recently signed a benchmark sized dual currency loan deal with a syndication of international banks. The transaction highlights not only the interest of foreign entities in the Turkish debt space, but increased interest form Turkish entities in tapping international markets.

4 May 2016

Costa Rica issues benchmark sized green bond

Costa Rica’s central bank, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR), has issued a benchmark sized green bond in a first for the small Central American sovereign.

29 Apr 2016

Bank Muscat taps Eurobond

Oman’s Bank Muscat has offered a highly sought after benchmark sized Eurobond that not only highlights a renewed interest in bonds from the GCC, but demonstrates the increasing attention that Asian banks are paying to the Middle East.

27 Apr 2016

Abu Dhabi inks rare bond

Abu Dhabi has returned to the international bond markets. The emirate was able to tighten the pricing due to its popularity amongst investors and rarity in this market. By issuing a bond the emirate was also able to achieve more favourable pricing by accessing more readily available foreign capital.

27 Apr 2016

Mexico’s Sigma taps Eurobond market

The Mexican frozen food company Sigma has become the first high grade Latin American corporate to tap the international capital markets this year.

26 Apr 2016

Saudi Arabia orders foreign loan

Saudi Arabia is set to receive a benchmark sized loan from a number of international banks after a long absence from the international capital markets. Despite the size of the loan, it is unlikely to crowd out the markets, and could mark the beginning of a number of issuances from the GCC region.

25 Apr 2016

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