Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Francophone Africa 2021 Virtual

The only virtual event bringing international capital markets leaders to Francophone Africa

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200+ Attendees | 20+ Expert Speakers | 60% International FIs, Investors & Arrangers | 40% Regional Public & Private Borrowers

A unique virtual platform bringing together 200+ of Francophone Africa's leading regional and international borrowers, investors, bankers, policy makers and market practitioners to share knowledge, debate and network. The entire Francophone African capital markets community will be represented.


  1. Bring regional borrowers together with international lenders and arrangers to shape future financing strategies for Francophone Africa
  2. Provide a bird’s eye view of the Francophone African market for the international community
  3. Share deeper insights into the latest CFA bond and loan market developments via expert-led panel discussions

Livestream Agenda

Opening remarks

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 9:10am (Europe/London)

Francophone Africa’s economic outlook for 2021 and beyond: Understanding the post-COVID recovery trajectory across the region

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 9:15am (Europe/London)

  • Hydrocarbon vs. agrarian based economies: Which sectors and economies are proving resilient post-pandemic, and where is there a more staggered recovery
  • Which countries are facing up the biggest debt scars from the pandemic crisis? Are there sufficient FX reserve buffers available at the regional central banks?
  • What the is the likely path of sovereign ratings for CFA countries in the market
  • What is the likelihood of an XOF or XAF currency devaluation? Will we soon see progress with any move away from the French Treasury and towards the Eco?


Chief Executive Officer


Sovereign Strategist

Fund Manager, Emerging Markets Fixed Income

How is Benin’s Ministry of Economy and Finance responding to volatility in a post-COVID economy?

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 9:55am (Europe/London)

  • How much funding does the Benin sovereign need to support their economic recovery plan?
  • Hard vs. local currency: How has reliance and availability of USD for the Benin sovereign changed over the last 12 months?
  • How is the G20’s Debt Service Suspension Initiative impacting their funding strategy for 2021/22?
  • How is Benin’s recent issuance helping pave the way for other issuers in the region?


Head of Debt Management Office

Assessing emerging trends and perspectives on the local currency debt markets

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 10:15am (Europe/London)

  • As government auctions become more established, how are other issuers approaching local bond markets?
  • What regulatory developments are needed to support and promote local currency resource mobilisation?
  • What do DFIs need to see in the local currency markets to unlock more investment into Francophone Africa?
  • Securitisation, green finance, sukuk and other innovations: How is the market progressing on the instruments and products developed to help deepen the local market?


Head of Business and Corporate Development


Managing Director

Treasury Client Solutions, Africa

Managing Director

General Director

How to develop banks’ approach to lending in the syndicated market to widen the region’s funding portfolio

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 10:55am (Europe/London)


Director of Syndications and Agency


Director, Loan Syndication

Head of Investments and Investor Relations

Acting Head, Syndications and Distribution

Understanding next steps in developing the CFA and Congolese franc bond markets

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 11:40am (Europe/London)

  • What are the next steps to encourage a wider pool of issuers? What can potential issuers learn from the success of sovereign offerings?
  • Understanding how to withstand FX volatility of the Congolese franc
  • How are Francophone African borrowers’ ability to source funds changing? What are the strategies to access cross-border financing?
  • What do international investors need to see in the local currency markets to unlock more investment into Francophone Africa?
  • Understanding which players are key to opening up the secondary market and how this can help boost investment into the region


Head of Africa Strategy; FX, Rates and Credit Research


Chief Executive Officer

Senior Portfolio Manager

Head of Investments, Senegal

Developing the secondary market to boost international investment into the Francophone region

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 12:25pm (Europe/London)

  • What has the market seen so far in terms of secondary activity?
  • Which players are key to opening up the secondary market?
  • Who is willing to step up and contribute to establishing a benchmark curve?
  • What is the minimum requirement to access international investment flows?


Country Officer and Markets Head, Senegal


Deputy General Director

Head of Central Africa

Head of Sovereign Debt Capital Market Development

ESG integration: Global and regional trends and tools: A closer Look at PRI’s African Climate Awareness Initiative

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 13:05pm (Europe/London)

  • Unpacking the key elements of climate awareness within a Francophone and pan-African context
  • Overview of global and regional trends in ESG integration: How African investors can develop their capacity to integrate ESG into portfolios
  • How to empower African investors to make informed decisions on ESG integration and responsible investment


Director, Martens Impact Advisory and Acting Head of Africa & Middle East,

Closing remarks

Wed 24th Mar 2021, 13:25pm (Europe/London)