ESG & Capital Markets Africa 2021 - Virtual

The only virtual gathering focused on ESG and sustainable finance solutions for the African market

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400+ Attendees | 30+ Expert Speakers | 170+ Borrowers & Issuers
150+ Investors, Lenders & Arrangers | 40+ Countries

This is the only virtual gathering focused on ESG and sustainable finance solutions for the African market, and your best opportunity to grow your business in this space without travelling. The event will bring together over 400 leading government officials, regulators, investors, bankers and corporates and feature over 30 expert speakers.


  1. Deliver solution driven content on ESG finance focused solely on the African market
  2. Bring international sustainable finance leaders together with local financial markets to shape what ESG looks like in Africa
  3. Map out the journey for African issuers to raise sustainable instruments in this new environment

Livestream Agenda

Opening remarks

Tue 15th Jun 2021, 7:55am (Europe/London)

COP26 and net zero by 2050: How does the African ESG and transition story fit within a global context?

Tue 15th Jun 2021, 8:00am (Europe/London)

  • North vs. South vs. East vs. West: How is a just transition being supported and delivered across Africa? How achievable is “transition” for the continent’s regions?
  • To what extent is the application of global climate change policies affecting the African transition story? Should the continent be following its own path?
  • In what way is there a mismatch between Africa’s needs vs. the rest of the world?
  • Which elements of the EU and (newly created) South African ESG taxonomies could be adopted by other African economies?


Director, Sustainable Finance


Vice-Minister of Finance for Fiscal Policies & Institutional Reforms

Director, Martens Impact Advisory and Acting Head of Africa & Middle East,

Co-Head of South Africa & Africa Fixed Income

Head of Sustainable Finance & ESG Advisory

Green, blue and sustainable: What are the markets conditions that will allow an ESG related bond market to develop in Africa?

Tue 15th Jun 2021, 8:45am (Europe/London)

  • Pricing, tenor and a diversity of instruments: How do these factors stack up when looking at issuing sustainably? To what extent do more instruments mean more issuances (and therefore a deeper bond market)?
  • Bringing ‘S’ to the fore: To what extent has and will an increase in social bond issuances aid the recovery from COVID-19 across Africa?
  • Exploring the role of the development finance community: What role are DFIs, IFIs and ECAs playing in supporting the market to issue sustainably and in a cost-effective manner?
  • What more could FIs be doing to aid and deepen the bond market in Africa?


Head: Sustainable Finance Solutions


Director, ESG Research, Sustainable Finance

Managing Director

Regional Head, Southern Africa & Indian Ocean

Managing Director, Sustainability and Corporate Transitions

Senior Director, Head of Treasury & Financial Institutions

How can commodity-based and hydrocarbon-rich sovereigns and companies prepare themselves for and manage the ‘green transition’?

Tue 15th Jun 2021, 9:40am (Europe/London)

  • Sharing best practices and success stories: How and to what extent have African corporates adopted ESG principles into their growth strategies?
  • Joining the dots between cost and ROI: How can sovereigns and corporates access capital in these early stages to help with their transition?
  • Looking beyond ‘pure renewables’ and helping to make the infrastructure sector more sustainable: Should (and are) investors and financiers be looking at Africa through a different lens when thinking about sustainability? What support are they offering to companies looking to define a corporate ESG policy?


Head of Sustainable Finance


Head of Corporate Finance

Director, Sovereign Research

Head of ESG Capital Markets, EMEA

Head: Resource & Project Finance

Managing Director, Sovereign Risk Group

Reconciling S & G with E: What are the key credentials that investors are looking for when assessing investment into Africa?

Tue 15th Jun 2021, 10:35am (Europe/London)

  • How are investors weighing up the commodity-rich make-up of Africa’s economies and (infrastructure) needs vs. their own requirements to invest sustainably What weighting is being placed on S and G vs. E in a post-COVID world?
  • What are investors looking for from ‘brown’ companies? Under what conditions could fossil fuel companies (or fossil fuel-dependent sovereigns) qualify as investable for ESG funds? What questions are being asked?
  • Is divestment an option?
  • Green Reporting: What metrics are investors looking for/following? Is there a benchmark?
  • How much of a bearing does an ESG rating impact investment decisions


Chief Executive Officer


Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Emerging Markets Debt

Deputy Head of the Financial Institutions Debt Group

Head of Stewardship

Chief Executive Officer

Head of ESG Business Development

How should prospective ESG-related issuers be navigating and implementing frameworks, regulations and reporting metrics?

Tue 15th Jun 2021, 11:30am (Europe/London)

  • What are the expectations when it comes to ESG reporting in Africa? What is looking to be achieved?
  • Are there sufficient (tangible) metrics in place across Africa to make ESG reporting achievable?
  • What information is required from companies in order to comprehensively complete ESG reporting?
  • Understanding the first steps that institutions should be taking when drafting their own ESG frameworks
  • Does reporting look different for an O&G (or commodity-related) company? If so, how?


Head of Sustainable Finance, EMEA


ESG Manager

Head of Debt Capital Markets

Chief Economist

Associate Director (ESG/ Sustainability)

To what extent is there a mispricing of African risk when it comes to ESG?

Tue 15th Jun 2021, 12:15pm (Europe/London)

  • Greenium of issuing sustainably: How does pricing stack up when looking at green vs. vanilla vs. ESG-linked bonds?
  • How much have green issuances out of Africa helped current and future pricing for African issuers?
  • How does pricing of non-debt green products compare?
  • How are banks handling credit risk management in terms of sustainability?


Principal: Distribution


Fund Manager, Emerging Markets Fixed Income

Head, ESG & Sustainable Finance

Director, Sustainable Finance

Partner, ESG Risk Management

Closing remarks

Tue 15th Jun 2021, 13:00pm (Europe/London)